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Adding the Assyrian Language to OS X (Mac)

To be able to write in Assyrian on Mac’s OS X system. You will need to download:

1. A keyboard layout (click to download)
2. The fonts (click to download)

Download the both compressed files and decompress them both. Use the path of your desktop to access them easily.

We start installing the keyboard layout by copying the content of AssyrianKeyboard to the folder ”/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts”. This can be done in finder.

Check the screen presentations which I made. Notice that the language of my system is Swedish. I just translated the menu alternatives to English roughly.

How to install the Assyrian keyboard layout

Next step is to install the fonts. The easiest way to do it is to open the folder ”melthofonts” and highlight all the files having the extension ”otf”. Right-click on the highlighted files and choose ”Open with”. The program ”Fonts Book” Should be listed there so click on it.

Many “windows” will popup now. On each of them, there will be an ”Install font” button, Click on these buttons to install the fonts.

How to install the fonts

The final step is to setup the system to handle the Assyrian language. To do that, follow the steps in this video.

Send mail through the terminal in OSX

by Abu Lewis

Cd to /etc/postfix

open the file main.cf for editing

and add the following to the end of the file

In the same directory, create the file sasl_passwd if it does not exist

open the file sasl_passwd and the folloing

Finally, run the following commands