Concurrency in Objective-C using Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

To demonstrate execution of concurrent Objective-C code, I wrote this simple example below. The two functions you have to read about to understand the code are; dispatch_get_global_queue and dispatch_async.

Example of output you may get, may look like this.… Continue Reading

Encrypt text in iPhone & decrypt it in your Rails server

What I did to perform the task is that i used RNCryptor in my IOS application.

And I engaged this gem to do the decryption in Rails.

Parsing an URL with Ruby

Can not be easier than this…

Prevent CSRF-attacks in your PHP files using tokens

If you do not know how a CSRF-attack work, read here This is a simple class for taking care of generating and validating the tokens.

Let’s say that you have login.php in which a form with two text fields… Continue Reading